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Engine Warning Lights

Mazda Dashboard Lights

It strikes fear in even the boldest of drivers: the glowing light of an indicator on the dashboard instrument panel. Is it warning you of impending doom? Or just giving you a heads-up that you didn’t tighten your fuel cap well enough last time you stopped for gas?

While the warning lights on any instrument panel vary depending on the vehicle’s make, model, model year, and other factors, there are some guidelines you can follow to ensure that you’re being cautious enough without going overboard. There’s a fine line between keeping everyone onboard safe and secure and sending up panic flares when there may be no need to.

The purpose of all warning lights is just that: to warn you. The goal is to keep you and your passengers protected from potential danger and your vehicle running smoothly. Sometimes that means you need to stop at your local Mazda service center ASAP and have an engine issue checked out. Sometimes, it means you may have neglected to close the trunk lid or that an optional system has been turned on or off. Occasionally, it just means a fluid level is starting to run low. No matter what, the lights on your Mazda’s instrument panel are meant to help you-not necessarily to alarm you.

Red Light, Green Light

Does color matter? Generally speaking, if an indicator is red, it may be a serious issue that needs to be attended to as quickly as possible. It may require you to stop the vehicle and investigate further, or get to your nearest service center fast.

Yellow lights are often indicative of potential service issues that should be checked out at your earliest convenience but don’t necessarily mean your car is in immediate danger.

And green lights, in general, are simply offering you information that, say, your blind spot monitoring system is running, or that your key is in the ignition.

Hennessy Mazda‘s Service Center Is Here to Help

While it’s helpful to have a guideline for when to worry and when to relax, nothing beats having a service professional take a look at your Mazda and diagnose any problems you think might be lurking. At Hennessy Mazda, our expert technicians are on hand and at your service to walk you through your Mazda’s warning lights and explain to you why you’re seeing what you’re seeing. If the issue requires immediate attention or likely soon will, they’ll let you know and fix the problem for you on the spot. Either way, you’ll be back on the road in no time, and ready to take on the highways in and around Atlanta once more.

Schedule service online at your convenience, or give us a call with any questions you may have. We can be reached at (888) 719-1471.